Here’s where you’ll find some stories I’ve written for city-regional magazines, alumni publications, and fancy-schmancy national mags.


“The Ridiculously Cute, Impossibly Adorable Love Story of Zach and Julie Ertz”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2018
How the Super Bowl-winning tight end and the World Cup-winning soccer star became the It Couple of pro sports. (Photo: Britt Rene)

“The Magic of the Long Snapper”

Men’s Journal, 2015
Jon Dorenbos turned his childhood obsession into an NFL career and a path to overcoming a dark personal tragedy. (Photo: Peter Yang)

“Knight Club”

Men’s Journal, 2014
You know those Renaissance fairs, where European history buffs and World of Warcraft nerds dress in wizard’s robes and talk with “ye olde” accents? This is not that. (Photo: Marie Girond-Lepault)

“This is Not a Dallas Cowboys Fan”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2013
A lifelong Philadelphia sports die-hard donned the gear of rival teams at four home games to settle one burning question: Are Philly fans really as ugly as everybody says? (Photo: Dale May)

“Howie Roseman’s Geek-Fueled Football Fantasy”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2012
Until the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018 — and perhaps still today — fans and pundits wondered how someone who never played a down of organized football became the man in charge of the Birds’ roster. (Photo: Dominic Savini)


“Little Boy Lost”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2012
A year after once again becoming a tabloid sensation — this time when he was drugged by two glamorous con artists during a wild weekend in Miami — TV weathercaster John Bolaris is scared, unemployed, and paying for the sins of his colorful past.  (Photo: Steve Laxton)

“Game On”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2010
Heavyweight 610 WIP and upstart 97.5 The Fanatic are waging a furious battle for the city’s obsessed sports-radio listeners, but the real action is going on off the air. 

“Stephen X”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2007
Before Stephen A. Smith became ESPN’s highest-paid personality, the Philadelphia Inquirer sportswriter’s budding TV career and controversial style was already changing the way we talk sports. (Photo: Pier Nicole D’Amico)


“How Meek Mill Became a Movement”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2019
After being released from prison, Meek Mill is making music, hanging with his celebrity friends, and enjoying the life of a hip-hop star. But his biggest impact might come in a different realm: criminal justice reform. (Photo: Ahmed Klink)

“Guitar Hero”

Elle, 2011
Lenny Kravitz reveals the meaning of “boongie,” what his mother taught him about being a man, and his unique definition of “family jewels.”  (Photo: Doug Shore)

“Comedy Central”

Elle, 2011
On the verge of launching the hit show 2 Broke Girls, Whitney Cummings graduated from queen of celebrity roasts to Hollywood’s hottest comedian. Download the PDF here. (Photo: Sasha Eisenman)

“The Un-Shyamalan”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2005
Before filmmaker Lee Daniels was earning Oscar nominations and launching hit TV shows, he was an ascending Philly artist driven by the search for often-dark truths in the stories of others and his own.

Investigative Reporting

“The Curious Case of the Gay-Porn-Star Identical Twins”

Details, 2009
As boys, Keyon and Taleon Goffney shared little but a birthday. It was what they did together as men that nearly did them in. Download the PDF here. (Photo: Troofire)

“Mystery at Rohm & Haas”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2007
In the 1960s, one of Philadelphia’s most powerful and iconic companies looked the other way while more than 60 of its employees died of lung cancer. Now, with at least a dozen workers dead from a rare form of brain cancer, could history be repeating itself? (Illustration: Brian Stauffer)

“The Brilliant Professor Ward”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2007
The Ivy League professor had a history of questionable contact with teenage boys long before his arrest on child porn charges. Why was Scott Ward still free? The chilling story of how privileged men use a long-secret pedophile playbook to hide in plain sight. (Illustration: Jason Holley)

“Life of a Bullet”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2003
From its birth in a small Minnesota town to its deadly firing on the streets of North Philadelphia, the path a 9mm bullet travels is shaped by more than just the man who pulls the trigger. Download the PDF here. (Photo: Pier Nicola D’Amico)


“How Michael Rubin Got Woke”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2018
What do you do after you’ve made a billion dollars? If you’re this e-commerce titan, you make a few million more, buy part of an NBA franchise, and lead a social justice crusade. (Photo: Chris Crisman)

“Adam Grant, Original”

Wharton Magazine, 2016
The Wharton professor’s second bestseller made him ask: Was he a rule-breaker?

“What the Hell Happened to Old City?”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2008
A profile of a historic Philadelphia neighborhood that was once on the rise, a glamorous maze of cobblestone streets, galleries, boutiques, and lounges. At some point, weekend after weekend, it became a whole different scene. (Photos: Jeff Fusco)

“Charles Ramsey’s War”

Philadelphia Magazine, 2008
Seven homicides, a citywide crisis, the Dalai Lama — just another week in the life of the Philadelphia police commissioner as he tries to stop the violence in the city’s streets. (Photo: Ryan Donnell)